Fitness for the Everyday Busy Woman

Your life is full, and so are your days. You take care of your family, your home, your work, and your community; but you rarely take care of yourself. My programs are built to support women like you: women who want to be strong, fit and full of energy, but who don't have hours to spend in the gym or planning meals. You want to get in shape, increase your energy and feel confident in your own skin, so you can go out and rock the life God has given you.

My programs are effective and efficient, so you can reach your goals without sacrificing the things that are truly important to you.

Online VIP Personal Training

Need a program tailored to meet your specific needs? Want a plan to follow at the gym, or do with no equipment at home? My individual programs are centered around your goals and circumstances. With daily check-ins, online training is optimally designed for your success!

Online Bootcamp

If you need a kick-butt, 6 week program to get your booty in shape, this is for you! My fall bootcamp is full of strength training and HIIT, so that you get the results you want! Daily accountability will have you fit by the end of your 6 weeks: or your money back!

Barre and Strength Bootcamp

This one of a kind program combines barre, strength training and nutritional support. My barre bootcamp is designed to help you connect your mind and body, burn fat, increase energy and find the strength and focus you've been looking for!