Want to Burn Fat, Get Lean and Increase Your Energy Without Losing Your Mind?

You work hard, and spend time intentionally investing in the lives around you. You are busy, focused and all about making things happen. But, investing in you has been a challenge. You want to lose weight, get lean and feel good in your skin. You want to be energetic and confident, but don't have time to think through a program, prep meals for hours or live at the gym. That's why I've created my online bootcamps. They are designed for busy go-getters, who are committed to working hard, but need a simple, straight forward plan! That's what my programs are all about: simple, time-efficient, and effective.


Quick , Effective Workouts

Throughout the 6 weeks you will receive 4 workouts per week. These workouts will combine weight training with high intensity interval training. They'll be short, to the point, challenging, and effective.


No Brainer Nutrition

I have partnered with a Registered Dietician to ensure you get the best nutritional plan around! You won't go hungry or feel overwhelmed...promise!

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Accountability and Support

Throughout the bootcamp you will have daily check-ins, which means tons of accountability and lots of support from me. Throughout the bootcamp I will be here to answer any questions, and make sure you have what you need to be successful!

Previous Clients Have Seen Amazing Results

I found out a long time ago that I can’t work out alone. I need encouragement and a plan – Danielle provided all of that and more! She supplied a nutrition guide, workouts and an endless amount of support through the process. All of the workouts were simple and could be finished in a short amount of time using a tiny amount of space (this is important if you have an apartment like me!). We logged our results into MyFitnessPal so Danielle could check in with us and make sure we were on the right path. That accountability made me work even harder to get my workout in each day. The best part of this whole process was that I knew I had a friend who had my back. Danielle knew my goals, and I was confident she could help me achieve them. In the past 5 weeks, I’ve lost almost 7lbs the RIGHT way – developing better habits and an understanding of how to stay healthy longterm. I’ve still got a little ways to go, and I am confident I will get there!  -Laura Watson, Photographer

Thanks to this program I have addressed many unhealthy aspects of my lifestyle that I knew I had to change for a long time. I am now more active, have more energy, I consistently eat better, drink more water and I’m successfully battling my addiction to diet soda! I strongly recommend this program to anyone who doesn’t just want to lose weight, but wants to gain an overall healthier lifestyle. -Chiman Estephan, Speech Therapist

5 Reasons To Join 6 Weeks to Fat Loss Online Bootcamp

  • It works: By the end of the 6 weeks you will feel stronger, leaner and more confident.
  • It won't consume your life, I promise.
  • You will be working out smarter, not longer.
  • You will be building sustainable habits.
  • You will be investing in yourself so that you can live, serve and love more fully.

There are tons of programs out there, but mine are designed for busy women who want to create sustainable change in their lives. This isn't a crash diet that will melt pounds away, only to find them creeping back in over the next few weeks. This is about you finding some balance and intentionality in your pursuit of health. This is about building strength, confidence and sustainability. This is about feeling better so you can do more. Quick fixes will leave you right back where you started, or worse. I am committed to helping you make a life long change. 

Ready to Sign Up?

6 Weeks to Fat Loss will begin on February 19th, 2017

The cost for the 6 week program is only $199!

Change starts today.

Invest in your health.

Invest in your confidence. 

Invest in your future.

Let's do this ladies!

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