September #Goals

Sept 2017 Goals.jpg

I used to write goal posts every month, way back in my rockstar blogger days. JK, I was never a rockstar blogger, I was just above average. But, that's not really important. What is important are the reasons why I shares my goals each month. I did this for a couple of reasons:

  1. I need accountability, and there is nothing like some positive peer pressure.
  2. I think seeing someone else's goals can encourage you to set some of your own.
  3. I want to be able able to come back to these posts at the end of each month and see the progress I've made.
  4. I truly believe that everyone should be working to grow personally, spiritually and professionally. So, goals matter and I want to share things that matter. 

With that being said, here ya' go goals for September!


Getting consistent. If I am being completely honest, my time with God has been inconsistent at best. I truly love studying scripture and had created a pretty intentional prayer life. Then, last year we moved back to the States and things have been a bit of a roller coaster spiritually. While, I have LOVED living back in the U.S., finding consistency with my quiet time has been rough. I have it for a while, then don't.


This month, I am focusing less on an in-depth study and more on just reading and meditating on the truth of God. I will still be doing some study, because I am going through Judges with a friend. However, my daily goal will be to solely spend 20-30 minutes reading scripture, and praying.


Keep my eating in check. I am not quite sure what happened during the month of August, but I got super lax with my nutrition. I had been keeping things really tight, but with the start of school, I found myself eating way more junk than normal. So, this month is all about cleaning things up and indulging only in the things I really LOVE.

3-4 workouts per week. Again, August was rough in this department. During June and July I made it to the gym at least 5 days a week. My workouts aren't terribly long, but I like to hit the weights hard, so I was in great shape. Then school, after school cheer practices, and football games started up, and things got a little crazy. If I am intentional, I have time to make it to the gym at LEAST three times each week. So, my goal is 3-4 times per week..five if I am feeling wild!

Read "Eat. Lift. Thrive." by Sohee Lee. I found Sohee on Instagram, and love her message. She recently released her book, and I am slowly working my way through it. She is all about slow, moderate, sustainable lifestyle changes that will last over time. She dives deep into the psychology behind eating, weight loss and exercise. She preaches slow and steady over drastic quick-fixes, which isn't the sexiest thing in the diet and fitness industry, but is the healthiest way to get long-term results. 

Blog consistently. So, here I am! I really want to relaunch this blog well. I am pretty committed to the new direction I am headed in, and am excited to meet all kinds of educators! But, I am a fantastic starter and only a moderately mediocre finisher. So I am taking this thing one month at a time. In true Danielle form, I have 8 gazillion ideas, but am trying to just chill and make small steps of progress, one post at a time. So, by the end of September, my goal is to have 6 posts live for ya'!

Date nights and family night. Weekly dates with the hubs and phone free family dinners, once a week are the goal. I want to engage with my people and am guilty of always being on the phone. So, once a week, I want to spend some time with Esteban, and then as a family, with no phones in sight!


Read Teach Like a Pirate. We are doing a book study on this at school and I am super excited to finish. I have loved it so far, and am excited to discuss it with my co-workers!

Order and start implementing some strategies from Co-Teaching that WorksOften, co-teaching means a general-ed teacher doing all of the planning and teaching with the sped teacher standing in the back, offering individual help to sped kids. Ya'll that's NOT what inclusion is supposed to be, and I am pretty committed to doing better for the students. Fortunately, I work with some fantastic general ed. teachers who totally get it and are open to trying new things. Which means, I need to up my game and learn more. This was a highly recommended resource, so I want to go through it and see what might work best for the students we teach!

Get my IEP's done earlier than the night before. I have several IEP/re-evaluation meetings coming up in the next two weeks. I am terrible at getting these done in a timely manner, but by the end of last year, I had a good little system in place. So, my goal is to have everything done at least two days before the meeting, so I am not a frantic maniac the day of!

Pour into my cheerleaders. If you would have told me that I would be a cheerleading coach one day, I would have laughed LOUDLY in your face. Welllllllll......not only is that exactly what I am, it is actually one of the things I love most about my job. I truly love my girls, and am so lucky to play even the tiniest role in their lives. So, I want to use the time I have with them wisely. Nothing super quantifiable here, I just want to get a little more intentional. Being a girl is rough. Being a teenage girl is even more rough. I want my girls to know they've got someone in their corner!

Notice the good things my students are doing. I want to focus some attention this month on getting to know my students personally, and calling out the positive things I see in them. I am going to do my best to focus more on who they are than what they do, but mainly want them to know someone sees the good in them. I am learning more and more just how powerful words are. My students hear so much negativity, and it comes at them from every angle. I want to throw a little light their way!

Okay, there you have it.

Lofty? Maybe. But most of my goals are super simple.

They don't require tons of time or major lifestyle changes...cuz' ain't nobody got time for that! These goals do require some intentionality, planning and I guess that's how I'll be hustling this month.

How about you? Do you have goals? If you blog about them, I would love hop on over and give em' a read. Leave a comment below with a link so I can check out what you are working on this month! If you don't blog, leave a goal or two in the comments below, so we can keep each other accountable...k?