The FASTer Way to Fat Loss and Why I Joined

As a personal trainer, I am extremely skeptical when it comes to online programs. In today's market there are so many "coaches" selling quick fixes, full of empty promises. These miracle wraps, shakes, pills and restrictive diets are nothing more than an invitation to step onto the yo-yo dieting roller coaster.

Which is why I've always preached that results come from smart, effective workouts + intentional nutrition + lots of hard work and great habits. Anyone who tells you otherwise is lying. 

Over the last few months....

I've run into a bit of a bandwidth issue lately, and have had to make some changes. I LOVE helping busy women get fit without losing their minds. I LOVE fitness. I LOVE helping people lose weight the right way. I LOVE seeing people reach their goals 

BUT...I also love my sanity, my family and sleep...all of which have become more and more elusive for this busy mama. 

Why you ask?

Well... a few months ago I started doing some writing for Amanda Tress and her clients. Amanda is a digital marketing specialist, business coach and personal trainer. She works with female entrepreneurs...mainly in the health and wellness help them grow their businesses, the right way. 

As I took on more and more writing jobs I realized a few things...

  • Content creation is an area that makes many entrepreneurs want to rip their hair out. 
  • I am totally obsessed with helping women who have real solutions bring their programs and services to the world.
  • Working with a team of amazing go-getters like Amanda's, is totally my jam.
  • I ain't too shabby at this whole writing thing.  

So I had to reassess.

I don't have unlimited time each day.

I am still teaching full-time at a high school I love.

I still have two daughters who need me on the regular and a hubby who likes to talk every now and then.

Something had to go. Online fitness seemed like the obvious answer.

When it comes to fitness, if I'm being honest, I really love working with people in person. I love teaching classes, chatting afterwards and getting to know people in those settings. Plus, I was struggling to find a real niche in the online fitness world. There are SOOOOOOO many options out there, I was having a hard time figuring out exactly where I fit.

But...writing was clear to me. 

So, I've decided to take a break from hosting online fitness programs. I may throw my hat back in the ring at some point, but for now, I am focusing on writing jobs, teaching others how to rock their own copywriting, teaching in-person fitness classes, and of course my day job and family. 

I'll share more on all of this in another post sometime next week!


I am still committed to helping women get fit without losing their minds. So, about three weeks ago, I signed up for Amanda's FASTer Way to Fat Loss program. I had written so much about it that I honestly felt like a total dumb dumb for not giving it a go.

Ya'll...I am truly blown away and feel as though I'd be negligent to NOT share about this program!

I hesitated to sign up for a while because of my past with disordered eating. I was worried the tracking and intermittent fasting would send me back into craziness. However, I can honestly say I feel incredible freedom on this program. I truly do feel more in control of my food choices, and do not in any way feel consumed or stressed out by the food cycle. 

I also LOVE the workouts. I am a big fan of workouts that don't waste time. Amanda's workouts are effective, efficient and challenging. This is saying a lot from a trainer-workout-snob like me!

The daily accountability helps me keep focused and on track. I love having a community of women going through the program with me, and am legit amazed by my results already. 

After just two and a half weeks I can see a huge difference in how my clothes fit. I don't know how much weight I've lost...because I hate the scale and haven't weighed myself in YEARS...but I do know that I am already seeing some great definition in my abs, arms, legs and booty. I also feel strong, energized and have had far less stomach discomfort than in the past.

Curious about this whole FASTer Way thing? Cool....let me explain!

Here are a few things you should know about the FASTer Way:

  • I would NEVER recommend a program I haven't tried or fully believe in.
  • I would NEVER send clients to someone I didn't trust or respect.
  • The FASTer Way is unique in that it combines several different components that make it uber effective, including:
    • Carb Cycling (a variation in daily carb intake)
    • Intermittent Fasting (periods of fasting and feeding each day)
    • Counting Macros instead of calories
    • Strength and Speed Burst Training
  • Workouts that can be done at home or at a gym and take about 40 minutes per day.
  • It is recommended you go dairy and gluten free. I have not completely done this, but have cut back on both. 
  • You WILL see fat loss results, feel stronger, and more energized.
  • You will be a part of an amazing community of women.
  • You will get to eat!! This program is not about extreme calorie restriction, but about fuelling your body with what it needs to function optimally!

Things that have been challenging on the program so far...

  • Low carb days. This girl right here loves her some carbs. So, two low carb days in a row were tough at first. that I've gotten some good protein/healthy fat based meals I enjoy, low carb days are A LOT easier.
  • Getting my sprints in. We've had some crazy weather over the last few weeks, so I haven't always been able to get my sprint/speed burst workouts in. 

What I am loving...

Leg day workouts and treats! I love a great leg day workout and the extra wiggle room it allows me in my macros. 

Intermittent fasting. I thought it would be harder than its been. I've done intermittent fasting before, but not for this long. I am finding it pretty easy at this point.

Juicing. I've used some fresh pressed juices on low cal days, and to extend my fast on other days. I can officially say I am obsessed. This is optional, but I have loved incorporating juicing into the FASTer Way!

Eating. I don't feel hungry, or overwhelmed by my food choices. I eat a lot!!

Community. I love me a group of rockstar ladies...which is totes what the FASTer Way ladies are. 

If you are looking for a way to get fit, burn fat and feel energized..this program is for you. It is effective and sustainable...two things the trainer in me LOVES!

The next round of the FASTer Way starts Monday April 24th and spots are almost gone. I promise you ladies, this program is truly the, do NOT waste your money anywhere else!