The Benefits of Barre

barre 1.jpg

Now, you know I LOVE me some strength training and HIIT! But, I haven't shared much about my other fitness love: barre.

Barre is actually how I got into the fitness industry. I had taken a few classes at a chain in South Carolina and didn't really like it at first. Then, I tried a class at a Pilates studio in Bangkok and fell in love! I signed up for their teacher training on a whim and ended up teaching at that studio for about a year and a half, until we moved! I eventually became a CPT, but have taught barre ever since! 

While there are tons of reasons I love barre, here are just a few of the many benefits barre has to offer!

It's low impact.

If you have had any joint issues, or any old injuries, you can rest assured that barre will be easy on those ankles and knees!  While there is a cardio section to most barre classes, your joints won't be taking the brunt of incessant pounding. 

It's cardio + strength.

We all know that cardio burns calories, but long form cardio can actually negatively effect muscle composition. Not to mention that long form cardio can be boring for lots of people. Barre cardio is not always obvious, although you will quickly find yourself out of breath in most classes. In addition, barre uses bodyweight resistance training, and engages your muscles for a full body workout, every class! 

Anyone can do it, no matter what their fitness level is.

Barre is great because you can vary your workout based on your current fitness level. There is always a  way to make things more challenging, and there is always a way to make things a little simpler. Barre classes definitely have levels of intensity and difficulty, but anyone can give a barre class a try!

Barre forces you to make a mind-body connection

This is probably the most important benefit barre has to offer. Barre classes that are well designed, require you to focus your mind on the specific area of your body that is working. This not only benefits you while doing barre, but helps you to focus during all types of movement. Barre has made me significantly more intentional as I lift weights and do interval training. The type of mind-body connection you form during barre class will help you move and use your body in more effective ways throughout your day!

It's fun!

Seriously, it is really fun! A kick-butt playlist (umm...hello 90's rap with killer base) and some fun moves will make your hour fly by! Even if you feel a little silly, or like you aren't that great at it, you will undoubtedly leave with some shaky legs and a smile on your face!

If you haven't tried a barre class, I seriously recommend you hop on over to a studio and give it a shot. You will burn plenty of calories, get a little stronger and have lots of fun along the way! Or, give my Barre and Strength Bootcamp a try!