Give Your Gut the Bacteria it Needs!

Girl, you need to get some bacteria up in that gut! For reals…

The research around probiotics has been steadily growing over the past couple of years. Because of that, they've become popular in the fitness and nutrition community because of the benefits they seem to have to your overall health. I personally started using them faithfully about 6 months ago and have seen a huge change in the bloating I used to feel throughout the day. If you are curious about whether or not you should add these in to your diet, here's some info to help you make the decision.

Typically, we think of bacteria as a bad thing, and most of the time, it is. However, there are certain types of good bacteria that can help our bodies run more efficiently. The bacteria found in probiotics are some of the good guys. 

Our guts are microbiomes filled with all kinds of bacterial organisms. In fact, we have 10 times as much bacteria than we do cells. That's a lot of bacteria ya'll! 

The good bacteria:

  • Helps us synthesize and process certain vitamins
  • Keep a lid on the growth of bad bacteria
  • Help our gastrointestinal function (good-bye pain and bloating)
  • Produce short chain fatty acids (I'll talk more about this later)
  • Can improve the symptoms of IBS and antibiotic related diarrhea
  • Boost your immunity, leaving you less vulnerable to seasonal sickness 

If you're looking to see a change in your overall body composition, probiotics can help there too. A digestive system full of good bacteria is able to better process the micronutrients in food and can increase your body’s overall metabolism. If you’ve reached a bit of a weight loss plateau, adding in some probiotics, might bring your gut into check, giving your metabolism a little kick, helping you to shed those last few pounds. Why? Probiotics have been shown to produce SCFA’s (Short Chain Fatty Acids), which aid your body in burning fat and tell your body to store less of it. When you pair probiotics with a prebiotic fiber (which creates a favorable environment for the good bacteria) your body increases the amount of SCFA's it produces. An increase in SCFA's can result in weight loss and a change in your overall body composition (aka, more lean muscle, less fat).

The health benefits don’t stop there though, according to Ryan Andrews of Precision Nutrition, “Adequate consumption of probiotics can help to eliminate abdominal pain, gas, bloating, reflux, allergies, nausea, food poisoning and vomiting. Probiotics may even alleviate irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) and dermatitis. You guessed it – this means they are anti-inflammatory” (Andrews).

So…how do you get this awesome bacteria into your gut? You could eat lots of yogurt, sauerkraut, and kimchi; or, you could use my favorite brand of probiotic supplements. I take one Silver Fern Probiotic pill every morning, then drink 2 Wai Drink mixes throughout the day. I’ve recently added in their Tino Fiber as well. All of this is part of their free Elevated Plan. I highly recommend you grab this simple guide to learn more about how you can incorporate probiotics into your current way of eating.  Whether you are looking to lose weight, strengthen your immune system or relieve stomach discomfort, probiotics could be a helpful tool in your toolbox. 

Ya’ll, these have made a huge difference in how I feel throughout the day, which is why I tell everyone about them. They have helped with some serious bloating, which has been a huge game changer for me. Grab your free Elevated guide and check consider adding some probiotics into your daily routine!