Photo Credit: Ariel Renae and Releve One Fitness & Dance Studios

Photo Credit: Ariel Renae and Releve One Fitness & Dance Studios

Hey ya’ll!

My name is Danielle Cevallos and empowering busy educators to live the healthiest life possible, is my jam.

When it comes to health and fitness, I am all about sustainable change. That means I keep things easy-peasy, because easy-peasy is sustainable.

As a wife, mom, full-time teacher, cheer coach and copywriter, I know what it means to be busy. I understand firsthand the struggles today's educators face when it comes to getting in shape. Which is why I am so committed to helping women like me reach their health and fitness goals. 

I have a degree in Psychology, so I geek out about the brain, how it works, and how to change bad patterns into newer, better ones. I’ve also got a Masters in Teaching; special education to be more specific. So, I know how to make things nice and simple, and how to break things down into bite-sized pieces for ya’.

I'm also a little sassy from time to time. Originally from NY, I can pack a little yankee attitude. However, after living in the South and overseas for more than 15 years, I've learned when to bless someone's heart and smile. 

This blog is a one stop shop for teachers wanting to live a mentally and physically healthy life. If that's you, head on over to my Instagram account and introduce yourself! I would LOVE to connect!!!